While You Were Sleeping: 5 stories you might have missed, June 24 edition

Police arrest 3 men for conspiring to commit murder; meat mincer, chainsaw among items seized

A report about an assault at Pasir Ris Street 71 on Sunday night has led to the arrest of three men, aged between 32 and 37, for attempted murder.

While nabbing two of the suspects at a Aloha Changi chalet, police officers also seized items such as a meat mincer, a chainsaw, kitchen knives, a gas cooker, a gas cylinder tank, a tool set, trolley bags, plastic sheets, cable ties, a cleaver, aprons, a chopping board and rubber boots.

In a statement released late on Tuesday night, police said the three suspects will appear in court on Wednesday morning.


Obama closer to fast-track authority on Pacific trade deal

President Barack Obama inched closer Tuesday to gaining a powerful tool as he tries to seal a trans-Pacific trade deal designed to counter the economic might of China.

The tool is called fast-track authority, under which once the United States signs a trade deal with other countries, the President submits it to Congress for a yes-or-no vote.

Lawmakers can debate such an accord but not amend it. They have to vote yes or no, treating the accord as a whole rather than being able to tweak a piece of it; they must in essence take it or leave it.

A vote on giving Obama this authority will probably come Wednesday. Negotiations on the trade deal itself continue.


Travel chaos as striking French sailors block Calais port, Channel Tunnel

Hundreds of protesting French sailors on Tuesday forced the suspension of Eurotunnel services between France and Britain in both directions after torching tyres on the tracks, causing traffic and travel chaos.

The demonstrations also sparked a scramble among some of the thousands of illegal migrants camped in Calais hoping to reach Britain, as they battled to hitch a ride on vehicles stuck in traffic.

Some 200 MyFerryLink workers forced their way onto the tracks and were later cleared out by French riot police using tear gas canisters.


Brave kitty stares down mountain lion in viral Colorado video

A video of an unfazed, fluffy house cat staring down a large mountain lion as the predator paws at a Colorado kitchen window has gone viral, receiving nearly a million views on YouTube in just a couple of days.

The footage, recorded at a home in the Rocky Mountains about 16km west of Boulder, shows the cat sitting on the windowsill and meowing as the much-bigger mountain lion looks into the house, its eyes glinting gold in the light.

The video was posted on Sunday and by mid-morning on Tuesday it had already been watched more than 945,000 times.


English teen Tom Holland is Marvel's new 'Spider-Man'

Little-known English actor Tom Holland has been picked to play the web-slinging superhero in the next Spider-Man film, which is due for release in July 2017, Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios said on Tuesday.

Holland, 19, will play Spider-Man's teenage alter ego Peter Parker as a high-school age student in the upcoming, yet-to-be titled film.

He follows in the footsteps of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, who have portrayed the comic book superhero at older stages of his life in the five previous movies.