While You Were Sleeping: 5 stories you might have missed, Jan 12

Heavy smoke billowing from a paper factory in Finland. PHOTO: AFP

Warming set to breach Paris accord's toughest limit by mid century: Draft report

Global warming is on track to breach the toughest limit set in the Paris climate agreement by the middle of this century unless governments make unprecedented economic shifts from fossil fuels, a draft UN report said.

The draft, of a report due for publication in October, said governments will also have to start sucking carbon dioxide from the air to achieve the ambition of limiting temperatures to 1.5 deg C above pre-industrial times.

"There is very high risk that... global warming will exceed 1.5 deg C above pre-industrial levels," the UN panel of experts wrote, based on the current pace of warming and current national plans to limit their greenhouse gas emissions.

There were no historic precedents for the scale of changes required in energy use, to shift from fossil fuels to renewable energies, and in reforms ranging from agriculture to industry to stay below the 1.5 deg C limit, it said.


US military probes video of apparent shooting in Afghanistan

The Pentagon said it had opened an investigation after a video posted online appears to show an American soldier firing a shotgun at the driver of a civilian truck in Afghanistan.

The incident is nestled within a three-minute video, overdubbed with hip-hop music, that is a compilation of macho, helmet-cam footage showing US special operations forces at work in Afghanistan.

One brief clip amid the footage shows an armoured vehicle driving past a truck. The arms of a person wearing gloves and camouflage can be seen pointing a shotgun at the cab. The driver's side window then shatters.


Trump lauded delivery of F-52s to Norway. The planes only exist in Call Of Duty.

President Donald Trump's announcement of US-made F-52s fighter aircraft delivered to Norway may have rattled its neighbour Russia, the source of rising tension among Nato allies.

Was it a secret advanced jet capable of beating its Russian counterparts? A ruse to fool intelligence analysts?

Neither, it turns out. The F-52 is a fictional jet only available to fly if you're a gamer at the controls of Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare.


Protests held across Pakistan after 7-year-old girl's rape and murder

Protests broke out across Pakistan after the rape and murder of a seven-year-old girl in a district south of Lahore, due to public anger at what is seen as the authorities' failure to investigate such cases.

It is the 12th such murder in the town of Kasur in a year, and has raised concern that a serial killer may be on the loose.

Police recovered the body of Zainab Ansari from a garbage dumpster in Kasur, four days after she was reported missing.


Formula One: Hamilton's social silence has the F1 fans talking

Lewis Hamilton's social media posts have long been a talking point in Formula One but the absence of any from the four times world champion so far this year is also attracting attention.

The Mercedes driver ended 2017 by wiping clean his prolific Twitter and Instagram accounts after critics condemned comments he made over Christmas about his young nephew wearing a pink dress.

No explanation was given for what was interpreted by many as an emotional response to the criticism. New Year's Day and the Briton's 33rd birthday have come and gone without a word.


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