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Kushner and Ivanka Trump watching Donald Trump's State of the Union address in January 2018.
Kushner and Ivanka Trump watching Donald Trump's State of the Union address in January 2018.PHOTO: REUTERS

Trump son-in-law Kushner loses access to coveted intelligence briefing

US President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and close adviser, Jared Kushner, has lost access to the most valued US intelligence report, the President’s Daily Brief (PDB), as the White House imposes greater discipline on access to secrets, two US officials familiar with the matter said on Tuesday.

Kushner, who has been operating under an interim security clearance for about a year, had his access to the highly classified briefing cut off in the past few weeks, said the sources.

A third official, also speaking on condition of anonymity, said Deputy Attorney-General Rod Rosenstein recently passed new information to White House Counsel Don McGahn that led to the slowing or stopping of Kushner’s pending clearance application. The nature of that information was not clear.

It also is unclear if and when Kushner’s access to the PDB, which requires not only a Top Secret clearance, but also access to even more closely guarded intelligence, would be reinstated.


North Korean leaders used Brazilian passports to apply for Western visas

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and his late father Kim Jong Il used fraudulently obtained Brazilian passports to apply for visas to visit Western countries in the 1990s, five senior Western European security sources told Reuters.

While North Korea's ruling family is known to have used travel documents obtained under false pretences, there are few specific examples. The photocopies of the Brazilian passports seen by Reuters have not been published before.

The North Korean embassy in Brazil declined to comment. Brazil's foreign ministry said it was investigating.


Trump picks digital expert Brad Parscale to manage 2020 re-election

President Donald Trump on Tuesday named political strategist Brad Parscale as manager of his 2020 presidential re-election campaign, rewarding a digital expert who was critical to Trump's 2016 victory and who is trusted by the Trump family.

In a statement, the Trump campaign said it planned to use Parscale's talent to help Republicans in the 2018 congressional elections in November as they try to hold on to control of the US Congress.

Trump, 71, had already signalled plans to run for re-election, filing a letter of intent with the Federal Election Commission on Jan 20, 2017, the day he took office.


Moon to get 4G mobile network in 2019

The moon will get its first mobile phone network next year, enabling high-definition streaming from the lunar landscape back to earth, part of a project to back the first privately funded moon mission.

Vodafone Germany, network equipment maker Nokia and carmaker Audi said on Tuesday they were working together to support the mission, 50 years after the first Nasa astronauts walked on the moon.

Vodafone said it had appointed Nokia as its technology partner to develop a space-grade network which would be a small piece of hardware weighing less than a bag of sugar.


Dior summons spirit of 1968 in #MeToo feminist Paris show

Dior came out with all feminist guns blazing at Paris fashion week on Tuesday seeking to catch the spirit of #MeToo and the new wave of female empowerment.

Brazilian Felipe Massa, who retired at the end of last season, has agreed a one-year contract to take the seat vacated by Bottas.

To the thumping "Ooh, I just know that something good is gonna happen" refrain to Kate Bush's classic song Cloudbusting, the Italian sent out a hippy and Beatnik-inspired autumn-winter collection, declaring that "changing the world also means changing clothes".