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Protesters, police clash at Hong Kong airport

Protesters clashed with police at the Hong Kong International Airport late Tuesday night after all departing flights were suspended when anti-government protesters returned to occupy the arrival and departure halls.

This is the first time police have shown up at the airport during multiple days of sit-in protests, which have been largely peaceful.

A report in the South China Morning Post later said that an injunction order had been issued for protesters to be removed from the airport.

The clashes broke out late at night between police and protesters, who blocked the airport driveway with metal barricades and luggage trolleys.


Trump backs off China tariff plan with delays for cellphones, laptops

President Donald Trump on Tuesday backed off his plan to impose 10 per cent tariffs on remaining Chinese imports on Sept 1, delaying duties on cellphones, laptops and many other consumer goods in the hopes of blunting their impact on US holiday sales.

The move sent stocks sharply higher and drew cautious relief from retailers and technology groups.

The new tariff will, instead, be effective from Dec 15 for thousands of products including clothing and footwear, possibly buttressing the holiday selling season from some of the fallout from the protracted trade spat between the world’s two largest economies.


US and Britain discuss trade deal that could take effect the day after Brexit

Britain and the United States are discussing a partial trade accord that could take effect on Nov 1, the day after Britain is due to leave the European Union, a senior Trump administration official said on Tuesday.

During a visit to London, US national security adviser John Bolton discussed with British trade minister Liz Truss the possibility of the two countries' leaders signing a road map declaration toward a trade deal.

That could take place at this month's Group of Seven (G-7) summit meeting in France, the official said.


Multiple women say opera star Placido Domingo sexually harassed them

For decades, Placido Domingo, one of the most celebrated and powerful men in opera, has tried to pressure women into sexual relationships by dangling jobs and then sometimes punishing the women professionally when they refused his advances, numerous accusers told The Associated Press.

Regarded as one of the greatest opera singers of all time, Domingo also is a prolific conductor and the director of the Los Angeles Opera.

At 78, Domingo still attracts sellout crowds around the globe and continues adding to the 150 roles he has sung in 4,000-plus performances, more than any opera singer in history.


Police visit home of teenage Fortnite champion Kyle Giersdorf after hoax call

The 16-year-old American video gamer who won the Fortnite world championship was a victim over the weekend of "swatting", when police are dispatched to a home by a hoax call, ESPN reported.

Police turned up unexpectedly at Kyle "Bugha" Giersdorf's home in Pennsylvania while he was livestreaming a game with friends on Saturday, the sports TV network said.

ESPN said Giersdorf was heard saying "I've been swatted," before leaving the game to speak to his father, who answered the door to police.