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The World Health Organisation says young children should not spend more than an hour a day watching TV and videos or playing computer games.
The World Health Organisation says young children should not spend more than an hour a day watching TV and videos or playing computer games.ST FILE PHOTO

WHO recommends one-hour maximum screen time a day for under-5s

Young children should not spend more than an hour a day watching television and videos or playing computer games and infants less than one year old should not be exposed to electronic screens at all, the World Health Organisation (WHO) said on Wednesday.

The United Nations agency, issuing its first such guidelines, said under-fives should also be physically active and get adequate sleep to help develop good lifelong habits and prevent obesity and other diseases in later life.

In its guidelines to member states, the WHO said children between one and four years old should spend at least three hours in a variety of physical activities spread throughout the day.

Infants under one should interact in floor-based play and avoid all screens, it said.


Contradicting Constitution, Trump vows Supreme Court fight over impeachment

President Donald Trump vowed on Wednesday to fight all the way to the Supreme Court against any effort by congressional Democrats to impeach him, even though the US Constitution gives Congress complete authority over the impeachment process.

Trump's threat, made in a morning tweet, came as the White House launched a fierce legal battle to fight subpoenas from Democrats in the House of Representatives for documents and testimony from his administration.

Democrats remain divided on whether to proceed with Trump's impeachment after Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia inquiry.


Three-year-old boy 'abandoned' at US-Mexico border, says agency

US border patrol agents found a crying three-year-old boy in a Texas cornfield with his name and a phone number written on his shoes, the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency said on Wednesday.

The boy was "abandoned" by a group of suspected illegal immigrants who had crossed into the United States from Mexico near Brownsville, Texas, the CBP said.

"As agents attempted to intercept the group, the suspected illegal aliens scattered in the overgrown field," the CBP said in a statement.


Scientists turn brain signals into speech, may help people who cannot talk

People robbed of the ability to talk due to a stroke or another medical condition may soon have real hope of regaining a voice thanks to technology that harnesses brain activity to produce synthesised speech, researchers said on Wednesday.

Scientists at the University of California, San Francisco, implanted electrodes into the brains of volunteers and decoded signals in cerebral speech centers to guide a computer-simulated version of their vocal tract - lips, jaw, tongue and larynx - to generate speech through a synthesiser.

This speech was mostly intelligible, though somewhat slurred in parts, raising hope among the researchers that with some improvements a clinically viable device could be developed in the coming years for patients with speech loss.


Football: Man City inflict more pain on Man United to go back top

Manchester City took a big step towards retaining the Premier League title with a 2-0 win over Manchester United at Old Trafford on Wednesday sending them back to the top of the table.

City have 89 points, one more than rivals Liverpool, with both teams having three games to play - and none of them against top six opponents.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's side remain in sixth place with 64 points, outside the Champions League qualification slots.