What's Next: September 16, 2017

Push for Paris climate accord

Some 30 environment ministers will push forward on the Paris climate accord at a meeting today requested by Canada, China and the European Union. With more than half of the Group of 20 members attending - representing most of the world's largest economies - "this first gathering of its kind aims to further galvanise global momentum for the implementation of the Paris Agreement", the European Commission said.

Memorial for oldest captive panda

China will today hold a memorial for the world's oldest captive panda, Basi, which died at the age of 37 in the southern city of Fuzhou on Wednesday morning. Its death caused an outpouring of condolences from millions of Chinese who remember the 1990 Asian Games in Beijing, where Basi was the original model for mascot Panpan.

Carnival to mark Stepfamily Day

Today is Stepfamily Day, which is not as widely celebrated as other occasions like Mother's Day or Father's Day. But at a time when divorces and remarriages are on the rise, stepfamily members have become as important as biological family members. In Singapore, the inaugural Stepfamily Day 2017 will be marked today at Palawan Beach in Sentosa, with a half-day carnival organised by PPIS Vista Sakinah, a centre for remarriages and stepfamilies.

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