What's Next: October 24, 2015

Catholic leaders to publish report

Catholic bishops participating in a three-week summit on family matters are set to publish their final report today, after contentious deliberations between traditionalists focused on shoring up doctrine and progressive factions that want the Church to be more open to Catholics who are divorced, gay, single parents or cohabiting. The synod cannot make decisions and Pope Francis will have the last word after the bishops vote on the report.

Launch of I Love Children work plans

The I Love Children work plans for the next two years will be launched today. The voluntary welfare organisation, which marks its 10th anniversary this year, was set up with a purpose of keeping Singapore young - by advocating a higher priority to having children, and promoting a society where children are loved and mainstreamed.

Summit on tackling global challenges

The World Economic Forum will be holding its annual Summit on the Global Agenda, which brings together global academics, business and government leaders to brainstorm for new solutions to some of the urgent challenges the world is facing today. To be held in Abu Dhabi from tomorrow to Tuesday, the summit will host some 1,000 people, who will discuss in workshops and seminars issues such as inequality and climate change.

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