What's Next: Oct 18, 2017

Xi to unveil new policies at congress

Chinese President Xi Jinping is likely to lay out his future economic policies today when he opens the congress of the Chinese Communist Party that will extend his tenure as general secretary. Some 2,300 delegates will attend the gathering in Beijing - held once every five years - which will see a reshuffle of the party's top leadership, as well as Mr Xi's political philosophy in the party's Constitution in a potent symbol of his influence.

Dinner to highlight the deaf community

Four hearing-impaired chefs will be cooking a "Silent Dinner" at Esquina restaurant tonight to promote awareness of the deaf community. As part of the dinner, guests will learn some simple sign language that will help them communicate with the guest chefs.

All eyes on ECB chief's speech today

European Central Bank president Mario Draghi will be making the opening speech at the ECB conference in Frankfurt today.

With the central bank's next policy update less than two weeks away, traders and market watchers will be keeping a close tab on what Mr Draghi has to say about wages, inflation and interest rates.

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