What's Next: November 14, 2016

EU ministers to discuss defence ties

Foreign and defence ministers from the European Union will hold a joint session today in Brussels to discuss plans to boost defence cooperation, including a controversial proposal for a European military headquarters.

Catch the supermoon tonight

Look up from your smartphone tonight. The full moon will be the closest to Earth since 1948, and it will look bigger than it has in the past nearly 70 years. A supermoon, as it is called, happens when the full moon is within 90 per cent of its closest distance to Earth, which is about 356,500km. The next time the moon appears this size will be on Nov 25, 2034.

Financial scorecard deadline

Today is the last day for listed companies which are not reporting their full-year results to turn in their financial scorecard. Going by recent trends, the flurry of late corporate results are likely to be dominated by companies that are either based or have substantial business overseas, in some kind of trouble, or have been indifferent.

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