What's Next: March 25, 2017

EU leaders meet to forge united front

European leaders hope to paper over simmering disputes when they meet in Rome today to celebrate 60 years of union. But with Britain filing for divorce next week, the mood will be sombre and unity under strain. Mrs Theresa May will be conspicuous by her absence as the other 27 EU leaders try to put aside differences for fear the British Prime Minister could exploit their disunity to cut a sweet deal they fear would encourage others to quit.

Device ban in plane cabins kicks in

From today, passengers on flights to the United States and Britain from major hubs in Turkey and the Arab world will have to check in any device larger than a smartphone, including laptops and tablets.

The US and Britain have cited intelligence indicating passenger jets could be targeted via explosives planted in electronic devices.

Powering down for Earth Hour

Some 200 businesses and organisations have pledged to switch off their lights for an hour tonight in support of Earth Hour.

Other events to mark Earth Hour here include environment symposiums, workshops and performances.

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