What's Next: January 4, 2018

Myanmar marks Independence Day

Myanmar celebrates its 70th Independence Day today as the nation grapples with the Rohingya crisis and a fragile transition to democracy.

An estimated 655,000 Rohingya have left Myanmar since late August last year to escape what United Nations officials have termed ethnic cleansing with possible “elements of genocide”.

Bidding results for CNY bazaar stalls

Bidding results for stalls at the Chinese New Year (CNY) festive street bazaar will be announced today.

The bazaar at Chinatown, an annual affair since 1989, draws an average of two million visitors each year. Last year, there were 440 stalls selling goods from decorations to cookies and preserved fruit.

Pre-Budget session on Facebook

A pre-Budget 2018 question-and-answer session will be held today for an hour, starting at 8pm, on the Facebook page of Reach, the Government's feedback unit.

The session will be chaired by Mr Liang Eng Hwa, chairman of the Government Parliamentary Committee for Finance and Trade and Industry, and a member of the Reach supervisory panel.

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