What's Next: Feb 27, 2016

Chingay returns to Sembawang

The Chingay procession is headed to Sembawang GRC this evening after a five-year hiatus.

The parade features 11 floats and will start from Republic Polytechnic. It will end near Yishun Avenue 6, with a carnival of games, food and performances, including an LED Chinese dragon dance.

Syria set for 'cessation of hostilities'

The "cessation of hostilities" in Syria agreed to by the United States and Russia is due to take hold today. But opponents of President Bashar al-Assad say they expect the government to press on with its advance, by branding opposition fighters as Al-Qaeda militants unprotected by the truce. US President Barack Obama has warned Moscow and Damacus that the "world will be watching" whether they are living up to their commitments.

Clinton's quandary in South Carolina

Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, 68, who is fending off a challenge from Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, is fresh off a victory in the Nevada primary and the two will face off in South Carolina today. Her quandary is how to win over young voters - particularly women - when the enthusiasm she needs in a general election is so linked to support for her 74-year-old white male opponent.

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