What's Next: Feb 20, 2016

Charity to give details about new centre

Pave, a charity which tackles family violence, is expected to give details today about its plans for a new specialist centre that is focused on children exposed to such violence.

Based on the experience of its social workers over the years, Pave said it can be harder to detect and heal the mental scars children may develop from exposure to family violence.

Key state polls in US presidential race

Two states on opposite ends of the United States will have elections this weekend that will shape the tone and duration of the Republican and Democratic races. The six remaining Republicans will face off today in South Carolina's primary, where Mr Donald Trump holds a commanding lead in the polls, while Mrs Hillary Clinton and Mr Bernie Sanders will compete three time zones to the west in the Nevada caucuses.

Nepali PM to meet Indian counterpart

Nepali Prime Minister K.P. Oli, who is in India on a six-day tour, will hold talks today with his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi. Analysts say Mr Oli is hoping the meeting would show political rivals back home that he, too, commands India's support, considered crucial to keeping his administration in power, but a rapprochement with Delhi alone would not end his domestic woes.

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