What's Next: August 14, 2017

Trump to sign exec memo on China trade US

President Donald Trump will sign an executive memo today asking his trade office to consider investigating China for the alleged theft of United States technology and intellectual property. It has been two weeks since the media first reported that Mr Trump has been mulling over such an investigation under the 1974 Trade Act Section 301, which allows the US President to unilaterally impose tariffs or trade restrictions on partner countries.

Don launches book on S'pore ideology

Some sparring will be taking place at the Central Public Library in Victoria Street today, when National University of Singapore sociologist Chua Beng Huat launches his new book on the rejection of Western-style ideology in Singapore and the way the ruling People's Action Party has forged an independent, non-Western ideology. During the session, veteran diplomat Chan Heng Chee will provide critical commentary on his arguments.

Investors contemplate global tensions

Investors here begin the trading week mulling over a volatile mix of global tensions - most notably in North Korea, but also in troubled Venezuela, a major crude oil exporter. US President Donald Trump has warned that United States military intervention is an option in the South American nation. At home, Singapore export data for last month will be out on Thursday.

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