What's News: Oct 21, 2017

Mr Sun Zhijun
Mr Aaron Hia


Next PM 'likely in Cabinet now'

Singapore's next prime minister is "very likely" to be one of the current Cabinet ministers, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said in an interview with US news channel CNBC. While a strong team of younger ministers was in place, it would take a while to work out a successor, as they establish themselves among their peers, gain the public's confidence and show their calibre, he added.


NetsPay glitch on launch day

Some DBS and POSB customers were greeted with an error message when attempting to download the NetsPay app yesterday on its launch. A DBS spokesman said it was caused by its card provisioning service. The app attracted more than 6,400 downloads yesterday, and will be made available to five other banks in the coming weeks.


China's global image boost

China's global image has improved in recent years because of the "Chinese miracle" it has wrought to better its people's lives and the fulfilling of its responsibility as a major power, said Mr Sun Zhijun, deputy chief of the Chinese Communist Party's publicity department, on the sidelines of the party congress yesterday.


Kurds lay out plans for Raqqa

Raqqa will be part of a decentralised federal Syria, now that the city has been freed from the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, the Syrian Democratic Forces that captured it said yesterday, tying the city's future to Kurdish-led plans to set up autonomous regions in the north.


Tech eroding human bonds?

Smartphones can strip life of basic courtesies such as looking up to say thank you to a foodcourt server, writes Associate Professor Farish A. Noor. If technology weakens human bonds, it could contribute to distrust and conflict, he warns.


Coroner rules on e-bike crash

A truck driver who started work at 7.20am may have been fatigued when he hit and killed two power-assisted bicycle riders near midnight on Oct 27 last year. At a coroner's enquiry, the driver said he had short meal breaks, and an hour's rest in the evening.


Work attachments pay off

Singapore Institute of Technology graduates secured good job offers and higher salaries, thanks in part to longer and more substantive work attachments. Of its second batch of 96 accountancy students, 83 had offers from the firms they interned with for eight months.


CDL moves to quell disquiet

Property giant City Developments (CDL) moved to soothe angry shareholders who have accused it of trying to buy minorities out on the cheap, after it proposed to take over sister company Millennium & Copthorne Hotels (M&C) for £1.8 billion (S$3.2 billion). CDL and M&C's independent directors noted that the hotel firm has traded and continues to be valued by the market on an earnings basis, hence the discount.


Everton charged, fan banned

European football governing body Uefa has charged Everton with "aggressions by supporters against players", as the club barred a fan for life from Goodison Park amid ugly scenes in the Europa League 1-2 loss to French side Lyon. But under-fire boss Ronald Koeman blamed poor refereeing.


Car buff's dream comes true

Mr Aaron Hia, 32, fell in love with cars after watching Initial D, a Japanese anime series, in 2004. The automotive product trainer, who now owns a fiery Honda Civic Type R, says its taut chassis, well-tuned suspension and eagerness to sprint forward at every opportunity "is absolutely enthralling".


Wong Li Lin's new job

Former actress Wong Li Lin's new job involves her three passions. Find out more at http://str.sg/wong


The pricier, the better?

ST asked experts to compare three kinds of infant formula milk to see if that is true. Check out the verdict at http://str.sg/milk

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