What's News: March 26, 2018

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad at a rally at Felda Chini 2 settlement in Pekan, Pahang.
Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad at a rally at Felda Chini 2 settlement in Pekan, Pahang.ST PHOTO: NADIRAH H. RODZI
The Straits Times senior writer Wong Kim Hoh signing copies of his book, Big Hearts, Big Dreams.
The Straits Times senior writer Wong Kim Hoh signing copies of his book, Big Hearts, Big Dreams.ST FILE PHOTO


Tackling unruly air travellers

A proposal by the International Civil Aviation Organisation to expand the powers of local police and courts to deal with cases of unruly behaviour on flights appears on track to come into force in 2019.

The Montreal Protocol has been ratified by 12 member states. Twenty-two signatures are needed for it to come into force.


Facebook says sorry to Britons

Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg apologised to Britons yesterday over a "breach of trust", taking out full-page advertisements in British and US newspapers after a political consultancy got its hands on data on 50 million users. "We have a responsibility to protect your information. If we can't, we don't deserve it," said the ad.


Fight for rural Malaysia's votes

In the last general election, Malaysian opposition parties captured most of the urban constituencies and many semi-urban wards with big chunks of ethnic Chinese voters. With the elections just around the corner, the opposition is campaigning hard to win rural wards, seeing these as the only path to win federal power.


Concerns on Kalimantan polls

Indonesia's central government has expressed fears that identity politics will rear its ugly head during upcoming elections in West Kalimantan when voters pick their next governor from a slate comprising a popular Dayak-Christian pair and their rivals, who include a duo of Muslim candidates.


Dealing with nuclear crises

Israel's pre-emptive strike on Syria's nuclear facilities in 2007 offers lessons on current crises involving North Korea and Iran, says Europe correspondent Jonathan Eyal.


Electric ComfortDelGro taxis

ComfortDelGro is set to be the second operator here, after HDT Singapore Taxi, to have electric taxis. The taxi company said it is awaiting regulatory approval for its two electric Hyundai Ioniq taxis, but did not say how many it will add to its fleet.


Rope bridge for wildlife

A rope bridge has been installed in Upper Seletar Reservoir as part of a trial to look into ways of improving connectivity for animals to travel through fragmented landscapes. Such linkways could allow animals to safely cross waterways and roads to look for food and mates.


AIA, AIG oppose KL directive

Two foreign insurance companies - AIA and American International Group (AIG) - are opposing a Malaysian central bank directive on ownership. This is related to the move by Bank Negara Malaysia to lay down a set of deadlines that called on foreign insurance companies to divest a minimum of 30 per cent interest in their operations to local investors.


Ferrari's Vettel wins F1 opener

A somewhat lucky Sebastian Vettel enjoyed his party - albeit a day late - after the Ferrari driver threw down the gauntlet to rival Lewis Hamilton by snatching the season-opening Formula One race in Melbourne yesterday. Mercedes miscalculated Hamilton's minimum speed under the Virtual Safety Car as Vettel claimed the lead after his pit stop.


ST Book Club opens this week

More than 200 people have registered for The Straits Times (ST) Book Club, which will debut at the National Library Board headquarters on Wednesday. It will open with ST senior writer Wong Kim Hoh's latest book, Big Hearts, Big Dreams.


Guilty pleasures

We look at seven classic and current fast-food fads. Vote for your favourite at http://str.sg/oqfM


Blue House blues

Former South Korean president Lee Myung Bak's arrest means that every living former South Korean head of state has been convicted, charged or investigated for criminal offences. http://str.sg/oTGt

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