What's News: March 26, 2016


KL to act against China boats

Malaysia said yesterday it was planning to take action against more than 100 Chinese fishing boats spotted within its Exclusive Economic Zone off Sarawak.

Luconia Shoals, where the boats appeared, are near the southern extreme of China's so-called nine-dash line.


97 charities deregistered

Almost 100 charities deregistered between 2010 and 2014 - about a third of the number that registered in the same period, according to latest figures released by the Office of the Commissioner of Charities.

They cited reasons such as difficulties in attracting staff, volunteers and donations. Some ceased operations while others merged with other groups.

Mr Kim purportedly watching a drill. PHOTO: EUROPEAN PRESSPHOTO AGENCY


Threats fly between Koreas

Tensions continued to escalate in the Korean peninsula with leaders of the two Koreas threatening the other's destruction. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un monitored a drill simulating a strike on the official residence of his South Korean counterpart Ms Park Geun Hye, while Ms Park warned of a destructive path for the North.


Beijing to extend baby leave

Beijing is working to extend leave from work for new fathers and mothers, in what appears to be an incentive to encourage people to have more children. Under the new rule, fathers will be entitled to up to 15 days of paternity leave, and mothers, up to seven months.


Three post-Budget wishes

Dr Kanwaljit Soin has three post-Budget wishes. She would like the Government to consider introducing an allowance for caregivers; impose a tax on high sugar drinks to save our young; and discuss an unemployment insurance scheme.


Stalls popping up in malls

Shopping malls are fighting back against online competition by launching "pop-up shops" - temporary stalls in vacant spaces.

Companies such as PopUp Angels are helping them by matching brands with available plots, while shoppers are benefiting from the more unusual products on offer.


Famous noodle stall for sale

His bak chor mee has been rated among the best in Singapore, but Mr Yap Lye Hock, 63, is in talks to sell his MacPherson Minced Meat Noodles stall and his secret recipes to a customer, admitting old age has left him ready to "take a break".


AEC a work in progress

There are signs of a growing interest in the Asean Economic Community (AEC), but market players say it will take time for the tangible benefits to make themselves felt.

More work needs to be done to help businesses understand the potential of working towards an integrated economy.

Federer says the sport is doing much better than in the past, but "you could always do more testing".
Federer says the sport is doing much better than in the past, but "you could always do more testing". PHOTO: AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE


Federer calls for stricter drug testing

While tennis does not have a drug problem, it should crack down against doping in the wake of Maria Sharapova's positive test for meldonium, says Swiss legend Roger Federer. He is tested regularly in Switzerland but only once in the last 10 years in Dubai, where he spends two months a year.


Garry Shandling dies at 66

Garry Shandling who became one of the most successful stand-up comics of the 1980s and was best known for The Larry Sanders Show, died on Thursday.

He was 66. His publicist said he had an apparent heart attack and called 911 himself.

He was taken from his Los Angeles home to hospital, where he was pronounced dead.


Threat to boycott Georgia

Anne Hathaway, Julianne Moore and some 30 other Hollywood actors and directors have added their voices to entertainment industry threats to boycott Georgia if the state's governor signs a new law seen as discriminating against gay people.

The Bill declares that no pastor can be forced to perform a same-sex wedding.

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