What's News: March 08, 2018

Political party leaders at the General Elections Commission to ballot for poll numbers.
Political party leaders at the General Elections Commission to ballot for poll numbers.PHOTO: TEMPO


Change in insurance riders

From today, anyone buying a new rider for health insurance will need to pay at least 5 per cent of the hospital bill. The total amount policyholders have to pay can be capped at $3,000 a year to ensure that they will not be too financially burdened by their hospital bill.


Koreas at critical point: Moon

South Korean President Moon Jae In said efforts to establish peace in the region had reached a "very critical juncture", but his country would not settle for anything less than the denuclearisation of the North. He also told a group of political leaders yesterday that there were no plans to ease sanctions against North Korea.


14 parties in Indonesia's polls

The long election season in Indonesia is under way, after the General Elections Commission last month declared 14 political parties eligible to contest the upcoming polls, though a 15th party may also join in. The April 17, 2019, election will be the first time Indonesians pick their president and MPs on the same day.


China curtails financial risk

China is confident it can fend off financial system risks and will continue with tough steps to curb illegal borrowing by local governments. Finance Minister Xiao Jie said the ratio of government debt to annual economic output was 36.2 per cent at the end of last year.


Was no-caning deal right?

The no-caning undertaking involving suspected bank robber David Roach has put the spotlight on whether Singapore did right in agreeing to Britain's condition for extradition, says senior law correspondent K.C. Vijayan.


Help for dementia caregivers

Ms Melissa Chan, 28, who took care of her father when he was suffering from dementia, used her own savings to start social enterprise Project We Forgot, a support system for caregivers aged 39 and below who are caregivers of people with the disease.


More arbitration centre cases

Last year saw the highest number of new cases before the Singapore International Arbitration Centre, involving sums totalling US$4.07 billion (S$5.44 billion). The 452 new cases from parties in 58 countries reflect a 32 per cent jump from 2016.


A draw for property investors

Singapore remains a favoured destination for property investments among the world's ultra-wealthy, taking fifth spot in a global ranking published in The Wealth Report 2018 by Knight Frank.

It was the third-most favoured country for Asian investors, after Britain and the United States.


Family fun at Sports Hub

To kick off the March school holidays, the Singapore Sports Hub is organising the eighth edition of Community Play Day this weekend. The theme is "water festival", and kids can play at a water-themed playground and try their hand at "water drums".

There are also activities for adults at the quarterly event geared towards encouraging active and healthy lifestyles.

A scene from The Wayang Kids, which stars Austin Chong and Lorena Gibb.
A scene from The Wayang Kids, which stars Austin Chong and Lorena Gibb. PHOTO: SHAW ORGANISATION


Film on autism, Chinese opera

Family movie The Wayang Kids weaves together three topics: autism, appreciation of Chinese opera and speaking the mother tongue. The film is about a boy with special needs who has a tough time integrating at school until his classmate notices his affinity for Chinese opera.


Veteran driving tester

A steady-handed surgeon trembled at the sight of Singapore's top driving test honcho Richard Quek. http://str.sg/oS7Y


Help for the turtles

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong replies to turtle museum owner's appeal. http://str.sg/oSWe

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