What's News: Jun 8, 2018



Heads roll in Malaysia firms

Heads are rolling in Corporate Malaysia, as the axe falls on chiefs of institutions and state-linked firms accused of using their positions in a bid to keep Datuk Seri Najib Razak in power. The chief of the central bank has been shown the door, and more are expected to follow.


Fogging not effective: Expert

Mosquito fogging is not an effective way of getting rid of the pests and other newer methods need to be considered. Dengue expert Duane Gubler said the authorities need to get away from the easy approach and find out what really works. The authorities here have said before that spraying has limitations and needs to be repeated frequently.


Trade war fears at G-7 summit

United States President Donald Trump heads to Quebec, Canada, today for a Group of Seven (G-7) summit, which some analysts say looks more like a G-6 plus one, underlining the US' unilateralism - and thus isolation - as fears mount of a spiralling trade war.

Mr Trump has railed against the US' trade deficits and placed a range of tariffs on imports from several nations.


Agreement to resurrect ZTE

The United States has reached a deal that will allow Chinese telecommunications company ZTE Corp to get back in business after the firm's access to American suppliers was blocked in April. The US said ZTE violated a sanctions settlement related to trading with Iran and North Korea, and then lied about the violations.


Preparing for the unexpected

Summits like the Trump-Kim meeting on June 12 require painstaking attention to detail, and even then, the unexpected can upset the best of plans, says associate editor Ravi Velloor.


Loan sharks adopt new tactics

Loan sharks are using new tactics of intimidation - sending victims videos of homes being set on fire or photos of places frequented by their loved ones. Harassment without property damage cases rose to 942 in the first four months of this year.


Pact to boost labour practices

The Ministry of Manpower on Wednesday renewed an agreement -first signed in June 2011 and renewed in 2014 and 2016 - with the International Labour Organisation in Switzerland to promote good employment and workplace practices in the region.


More green investment

An estimated US$200 billion (S$266 billion) of green investment will be needed between 2016 and 2030, said Monetary Authority of Singapore assistant managing director Ng Yao Loong.

But more clarity is needed in the standards of debt instruments - called green bonds - to boost investor confidence, he added.


Two-handed style catches on

"Two-handed" bowlers were seen as a fad or even a joke a decade ago, but the style has caught on, with a third of the top 12 male bowlers in the world, including American Anthony Simonsen, using this approach.

They spin the ball with two hands before releasing it with one, for more speed and revolution to generate greater power.


Skincare on the fly

An in-flight skincare routine is an oasis of self-care as the body gets parched slowly over hours of travelling. Plump for solid basics such as fuss-free moisturisers - with a touch of perkiness - in flight-friendly bottles of 100ml or less.


Ramen kings

Love your ramen? Here are five of our favourite ramen dishes. str.sg/oYpn


Generation Grit

Miss Kelly Goh lost both parents within a span of a year when she was 20. Ms Stella Soh, a family friend, took her in and helped her through her trauma. str.sg/oYTF

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