What's News: Feb 29, 2016

An National Environment Agency officer showing how Aedes mosquitoes caught are removed from a trap.
An National Environment Agency officer showing how Aedes mosquitoes caught are removed from a trap. PHOTO: ST FILE


Mozzie breeding: $200 fine

To step up the fight against dengue fever, which could hit a record 30,000 cases here this year, the authorities announced yesterday that all households found to be breeding mosquitoes would be fined $200 from March 14. Currently, only households in dengue clusters are fined.


Clinton cements her lead

Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton trounced senator Bernie Sanders in the South Carolina primary, leaving her rival's campaign floundering just days before Super Tuesday - the single biggest day in the race.



Thai aviation hits turbulence

Thailand's aviation sector, already reeling from a safety downgrade by the global civil aviation authority, has run into more troubles. International airline operators have slammed Suvarnabhumi Airport for having substandard facilities, as a key domestic airline was forced to cancel several flights over the past fortnight. But Thailand is steadily overhauling its aviation industry and officials say they expect to see clear results by the end of the year.


Migrant woes at Greek border

Some 6,500 migrants, including many children, were stranded at a camp at Greece's northern border with Macedonia after four Balkan countries announced a daily cap on migrant arrivals. Tensions ran high, with about 400 migrant protesters demanding entry to Macedonia.


Crunch time for Europe

European leaders meet next week to discuss responses to the migrant crisis. Instead of a collective response, each might be inclined to go it alone, which would spell disaster for the grouping, warns Europe Correspondent Jonathan Eyal.


More people got legal aid

A total of 2,433 people accused of crime received help under the enhanced Criminal Legal Aid Scheme last year, more than five times the number in 2014. This came after a government pledge of millions to fund the scheme.


SRC dispute intensifies

A power struggle is heating up at the Singapore Recreation Club (SRC) after a move by several members to call for an extraordinary general meeting to dissolve the management committee. One committee member has even resorted to legal means to try to get the club to hold the meeting.


Singtel answers call of future

Singtel may look like the quintessential Singapore company but as much as three-quarters of its revenue comes from its overseas units. It now has 595 million mobile customers across 25 countries in Asia, Australia and Africa, giving the company a strong platform to confront challenges in the telecommunications sector.

Shinji Okazaki (left) in action against Norwich City's Jonathan Howson during the match on Saturday.
Shinji Okazaki (left) in action against Norwich City's Jonathan Howson during the match on Saturday. PHOTO: EUROPEAN PRESSPHOTO AGENCY


Leicester not at their best, but win anyway

Leicester City showed in their dramatic 1-0 victory against Norwich City on Saturday that they have an extra-special attribute. In addition to having the Premier League's best attack and top scorer, the team with the fewest defeats also showed they can win when not at their best.



Made-for-US Chinese movie

Director Lee Ang's Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was the highest-grossing non-English movie in the United States. Its Netflix-distributed sequel, Sword Of Destiny (photo), directed by Yuen Woo Ping, is like a Chinese dish made for the American market. It is not offensively bad but grown-ups will tire of it quickly.


Spotlight wins 4 Spirit awards

The journalism drama Spotlight led the winners at last Saturday's Independent Spirit Awards with four accolades, including Best Feature, at an event where diversity was front and centre as black and transgender actors won key awards. The awards honour independent films and often recognise films that go on to win Oscars.

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