What's News: Feb 27, 2016


Jump in household income

Families across all income groups earned more last year due to a tight labour market and an increase in employer Central Provident Fund contribution rates, government figures released yesterday show.

The median monthly income for employed households was $8,666 last year, a 4.9 per cent jump from 2014 after adjusting for inflation.


House to discuss boy's death

Two ministers will address the House on Monday on the death of a schoolboy who was being probed by police. The Home Affairs Minister will make a ministerial statement, while the Acting Education Minister (Schools) will speak on the issue of students under investigation.



Attackers 'targeted Chinese'

Thai police said the perpetrators of last year's deadly explosion at a Bangkok shrine had initially planned to attack a pier (photo) packed with Chinese tourists, reinforcing a widely held theory that Chinese were the attackers' main target. Police also said the perpetrators had enough chemicals to make 10 more bombs.


Rivals turn against Trump at debate

US presidential candidates (from left) Marco Rubio, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz at the Republican debate in Houston, Texas, on Thursday.
US presidential candidates (from left) Marco Rubio, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz at the Republican debate in Houston, Texas, on Thursday. PHOTO: REUTERS

White House hopefuls Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio unleashed a barrage of attacks against Mr Donald Trump during a raucous Republican debate as they sought to halt the billionaire front runner's seemingly relentless march to the party's nomination.


Poker in the Paracels

The real significance of China's deployment of missiles on Woody Island is the strategic message it sends about China's resolve in having the upper hand in the South China Sea. The US assumed China would blink and back off. It has not. The US has to rethink its strategy, says Professor Hugh White.


'Affordable' private care

The new Farrer Park Hospital, which opens officially next month, aims to offer "affordable" private healthcare, said its CEO Timothy Low. The hospital is designed to have 220 beds and aims to have 800 staff when fully operational.


20,000 firms get Spring's aid

More companies received funding support from Spring Singapore to invest in restructuring and automation, according to data out yesterday. The agency gave out grants to more than 20,000 firms for 22,000 projects last year, more than twice the number of companies it supported in 2014.


Play It Forward

Sporty youngsters who are keen to volunteer their time can now do so via Play It Forward, an initiative in which they will pick up the knowledge and skills to become a volunteer coaching assistant, beginning with football.


Two artists, similar works

A pilates teacher and New York-based artist has been creating artworks similar to leading Singapore painter Jane Lee's.Last November, Manila-born Monica Delgado's work was part of a group exhibition presented by Taksu Gallery here and was recently part of Art Fair Philippines 2016, held earlier this month in Manila.



Streep sets record straight

Actress Meryl Streep (photo) on Thursday said her "We're all Africans" comment was taken out of context. The furore over her comment came amid an uproar in Hollywood over the all-white Oscar acting nominees this year, a second consecutive year. She said she was not minimising the difference, but emphasising the invisible connection empathy enables.

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