What's News: April 09, 2018

New Jersey's century-old Portal drawbridge is prone to getting stuck, resulting in train delays.
New Jersey's century-old Portal drawbridge is prone to getting stuck, resulting in train delays.PHOTO: NEW YORK TIMES NEWS SYNDICATE


All ears for Xi's speech

United States President Donald Trump's barrage of tariff threats has left China's President Xi Jinping with a tricky balance to strike, with Mr Xi having to show he is ready to retaliate while demonstrating China's commitment to opening up. Mr Xi's first chance to hit back will come in a speech tomorrow at the Boao Forum for Asia.


It's not easy going for Grab

Uber's exit from South-east Asia has by no means left the region's US$5 billion (S$6.6 billion) ride-hailing field wide open for its rival Grab. The region's home-grown players are now lining up to challenge Grab, while its deal with Uber has also drawn scrutiny from regulators.


Dire state of US infrastructure

The United States' ageing infrastructure - long a hot topic - became a central issue in the 2016 elections. While recent incidents have highlighted the infrastructure's dire state, they have also shown the insurmountable task of fixing what is broken and why setting aside funds for even repairs remains politically problematic.


Syria gas attack kills dozens

A suspected chemical attack in Syria's eastern Ghouta sparked international outrage yesterday, as state media reported that the last rebel holdouts in the one-time opposition stronghold had agreed to evacuate. Rescue workers said dozens of civilians were killed.


Trump's impact on Middle East

From the Syrian civil war to the Israel-Palestine negotiations to the Saudi-Qatar stand-off, the decisions coming from the White House have dangerous consequences for an already conflict-ridden region, says Europe correspondent Jonathan Eyal.


Preventing 'chemobrain'

A study of 131 breast cancer survivors found three in 10 patients complained of cognitive issues up to a year after chemotherapy ended. Most patients tend to get back to normal eventually, but the National Cancer Centre is finding ways to prevent "chemobrain".


More halal choices for diners

Tapas restaurant The Great Mischief is a new eatery that caters to Muslim diners here. There has been an upward trend in the number of halal certificates issued over the past three years, with an average annual increase in requests of 10 per cent.


Collective sales lift up prices

Resale prices of existing condos and private apartments in District 15, which includes the Katong and Amber Road areas, as well as District 10 have risen significantly following news of the Amber Park and Royalville collective sales last year. Edmund Tie & Co's caveats analysis also showed that in some instances, prices of larger units in the resale market have seen a bigger price hike compared with smaller units.


S'pore shooter felled by light

Brighter than expected light conditions were a factor in Singapore shooter Teo Shun Xie's inability to defend her 10m air pistol Commonwealth Games title yesterday. Organisers opened the shutters behind the shooters to allow more seating for spectators, but Teo struggled for consistency in the changed conditions, finishing seventh.


Pakistani star visiting S'pore

Pakistani actor Adnan Siddiqui has made strides in Hollywood, Bollywood and his country's film industry, Lollywood. He will be in Singapore on Thursday at the Fun Aur Funkaar festival, which celebrates Pakistani food, art, music and fashion.


Interracial love story

The marriage between an Indian widow and her Chinese supervisor has captured the hearts of Singaporeans. http://str.sg/oc8o


Gridlocked in Manila

lt is like travelling abroad every day. That is how one Manila commuter describes the traffic woes in the Philippine capital. http://str.sg/oces

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