Watch this panda in Toronto Zoo having a ball in the snow


No one can resist a snowy slope - not even pandas.

A playful panda in Toronto Zoo, who woke up to a surprise snowfall, did not hesitate taking a tumble down the thick bed of snow right outside his den.

In a video shared by the zoo, male giant panda Da Mao, who arrived from China in March 2013, was seen launching his body forward down the slope with his arms raised high.

When he reached the bottom of the slope, Da Mao was then seen climbing halfway up the slope, before rolling himself down again.

Giant pandas have thick fur coats that keep them from getting cold in the snowy mountains of China.

In January 2015, panda Tian Tian from Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington DC, US, was also seen frolicking in the snow during a blizzard. He even threw some snow on his face.