Washington Report Podcast: US Supreme Court's impending changes to abortion and gun laws

Supporters of reproductive choice take part in the nationwide Women's March in New York City. PHOTO: REUTERS

Washington Report Ep 17: US Supreme Court's impending changes to abortion and gun laws

10:41 mins

Synopsis: Every week, The Straits Times analyses the latest developments in the United States.

The Straits Times' US bureau chief Nirmal Ghosh chats with Money FM 89.3's Adrian Abraham and Bharati Jagdish about the following points:

1. Supreme Court to consider all rules restricting abortions are unconstitutional (1:48)

2. How can the Supreme Court rulings possibly backfire on legislators? (3:55)

3. New York state gun law to mandate a license to carry a concealed gun, with good reason (5:32)

4. 2500 fire-arms taken out of communities via buy-back scheme (6:39)

5. Separation of Church and State - involving state funds to religious schools (8:55)

Produced by: The Breakfast Huddle, Money FM 89.3, Ernest Luis & Fa'izah Sani

Edited by: Dan Koh

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