Impact Journalism Day by Sparknews: You can make a difference

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We, at The Straits Times, would like to thank our readers for the strong support for this year's Impact Journalism Day.

More than 40 projects were nominated from Singapore this year. Two feature in these pages. These were selected by The Straits Times and Sparknews, for circulation among 55 media outlets participating in this year's project.

Several factors counted in our selection. Besides the uniqueness of the project, its impact and scalability, we took into account its international appeal, sustainability and commitment of the entrepreneurs.

The decision was tough, given the efforts under way.

We would like to encourage you to keep up with your endeavours and keep us posted.

Meanwhile, please visit tags/impact-journalism to read these reports online, for videos with some of the projects and previous year reports.

And we'll connect with you for Impact Journalism Day, 2017.

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