US-Colombian op nets 1,450kg of cocaine in Caribbean

BOGOTA (AFP) - United States (US) and Colombian anti-drugs agents cooperated in a massive bust in the southern Caribbean that led to the confiscation of 1,450kg of cocaine, authorities said on Sunday.

Police in Colombia said they tipped off their American counterparts that a "go-fast" boat suspected of carrying the drugs, allegedly belonging to the Los Urabenos gang, had departed from the town of Manaure, in Guajira.

"After we shared the info with the US DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) they alerted the US Navy which intercepted the (Colombian) boat in international waters," the statement added.

The boat had been bound for the Dominican Republic and was carrying 1,450kg of cocaine, the police statement said.

So far, four Venezuelans and a Colombian have been detained in the case.

The five suspects were transferred to Tampa, Florida, where they are expected to be charged, the Colombian statement added.

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