World Briefs: Study: Ingredient in sunscreen fatal to coral

Study: Ingredient in sunscreen fatal to coral

ORLANDO (Florida) • A common ingredient found in sunscreen is toxic to coral, and contributing to the decline of reefs, a new research published on Tuesday said.

Oxybenzone, a UV-filtering chemical compound found in 3,500 brands of sunscreen worldwide, can be fatal to baby corals, said the study.


Pilot killed after US jet crashes in Britain

LONDON • A US F-18 fighter jet crashed near a British air base yesterday, killing the pilot, officials said.

The plane came down near the town of Ely, around 130km north of London, after taking off from a US Air Force base in eastern England.


Israeli PM backtracks on Hitler claim

JERUSALEM • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu yesterday backtracked on his claim that a Palestinian leader gave Hitler the idea for the Holocaust.

Mr Netanyahu had said that Hitler was not planning to exterminate the Jews until he met the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin al-Husseini in 1941, sparking widespread criticism.


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