World Briefs: Belgian politicians agree to EU-Canada trade pact

Belgian politicians agree to EU-Canada trade pact

BRUSSELS • Belgium has reached a deal with its regional parliaments to approve a trade agreement between the European Union (EU) and Canada, ending a deadlock that has delayed its signing. Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel said yesterday the deal can be approved "by tomorrow at midnight".


Plan to release virus-resistant mozzies

MIAMI • Governments and philanthropists on Wednesday announced an US$18 million (S$25 million) plan to release mosquitoes resistant to Zika, dengue and other viruses in Colombia and Brazil.

It aims to boost efforts to control mosquitoes by using Wolbachia bacteria next year.


US flight attendant 'not Aids Patient Zero'

CHICAGO • Genes taken from archived blood samples have debunked the long-held belief that the US Aids epidemic was spread in the 1980s by a flight attendant.

The claim that Mr Gaetan Dugas was "Patient Zero" was disproved by the new study published in the journal Nature.


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