World Briefs: 11 states sue over transgender loo rule

11 states sue over transgender loo rule

WASHINGTON • Eleven US states have sued President Barack Obama's administration over federal guidelines telling public schools to let transgender students use the bathroom of their choice.

Accusing the government of "running roughshod over common sense policies protecting children and basic privacy rights", the states urged the judge to rule the directive unlawful.

Wednesday's move escalates the national feud over a lightning rod issue for transgender people and for conservatives who see growing official acceptance of these rights as a threat.


New debris possibly linked to MH370

SYDNEY • Three new pieces of debris have been found in Mauritius and Mozambique that could be linked to the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, Australia's transport minister said yesterday.

The fate of the plane, presumed to have crashed at sea after disappearing en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 passengers and crew on board in March 2014, remains a mystery.


Arrest of 4 reveals new terror plot in Belgium

BRUSSELS • Police found "traces" of a plot to launch a new attack in Belgium when they arrested four people suspected of recruiting terrorists for Syria and Libya, prosecutors said.

The four were charged on Wednesday with "participating in the activities of a terrorist group".

A spokesman for Belgium's federal prosecutors said that for now, there appears to be no link with investigations into the March 22 bombings in the capital Brussels.


US nuclear force still using floppy disks

WASHINGTON • America's nuclear force still uses floppy disks designed in the 1970s to coordinate some of its functions, according to a report by a watchdog.

The report by the Government Accountability Office points to a number of worryingly outdated "legacy systems" still in use across the US government.

A Pentagon spokesman said floppy drives are scheduled to be replaced with Secure Digital devices by the end of next year.


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