Woman whose dance with the Obamas went viral turns 108

Virginia McLaurin celebrates her 108th birthday with the Harlem Globetrotters.YOUTUBE

WASHINGTON - A US centenarian who danced with Barack and Michelle Obama in a video last year (2016) that went viral has celebrated her 108th birthday.

Virginia McLaurin celebrated the milestone by hanging out with the world famous Harlem Globetrotters basketball team at a Washington DC school.

Dressed in a Globetrotter jersey specially made for her, McLaurin said the highlight of the day was spinning a basketball on her finger.


Her Sunday celebration took place at the LAMB Public Charter School in Washington DC, where she met the players and hung out with the first-ever female Globetrotter, Hoops Green.

“It’s beautiful for them to play together,” McLaurin said, according to People. “When I came along, you couldn’t play with boys, even in school.”

McLaurin is now an honorary member of the team.

Students sang "Happy Birthday" to McLaurin - a local Washington celebrity - who they fondly nicknamed "Grandma Virginia," swarming the centenarian to ask for hugs and autographs.

Born in 1910, McLaurin married at 14 and became a widow three years later and never remarried, according to online reports. She worked most of her life as a seamstress, nanny or housekeeper, and has seen 19 US presidents come and go. 

She came to worldwide attention in February 2016 when her dream of meeting then US president Barack Obama at the White House came true.

Video posted by the White House shows a spry McLaurin - who was 106 at the time - waving her cane and breaking into a jig as she is introduced to the president and first lady Michelle Obama.

"Slow down, now!" Obama tells the diminutive McLaurin as she bustles over to give the first lady an embrace.

"She's 106!" the president exclaims.

"No, you are not!" Michelle Obama says in disbelief, clasping McLaurin's hand. "I want to be like you when I grow up."

"You can," McLaurin cheerfully replies.