What's Next: June 07, 2016

Democratic presidential candidates Senator Bernie Sanders (left) and Hillary Clinton.
Democratic presidential candidates Senator Bernie Sanders (left) and Hillary Clinton. PHOTOS: AFP, REUTERS

Clinton, Sanders battle in last primaries

Six states, including California, hold their primaries for the United States presidential nomination today, the last batch to do so. Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are in a dead heat in California, the most delegate-rich of all the states. While a win for Mrs Clinton in Puerto Rico's primary on Sunday means she is just 28 delegates short of clinching the nomination, Senator Sanders has vowed not to give up.

This year's NDP funpack

Details on this year's National Day Parade funpack - a perennial favourite among parade goers - will be revealed today.

More information on the outreach activities leading up to Aug 9 is also expected.

The country's birthday bash this year will mark a return to the National Stadium after 10 years. It promises highlights such as the use of unmanned technologies and indoor fireworks.

Aussie central bank likely to hold rates 

The Reserve Bank of Australia will be holding its interest rate policy meeting today to set monetary policy. Rates are expected to be held, with no actual improvement in the economic outlook for the country.

Europe will also release its revised second-quarter economic growth numbers. Initial forecasts put growth at 1.5 per cent, compared with the same period last year.

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