What's News: June 15, 2018

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo speaks during a joint press conference at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, on June 14, 2018.
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo speaks during a joint press conference at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, on June 14, 2018. PHOTO: AFP


Unity on N. Korean sanctions?

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said yesterday that China, Japan and South Korea agree with the US that North Korea should denuclearise before lifting sanctions. However, the Chinese foreign minister only said Beijing was ready to play a constructive role, an indicator that it may not be on the same page.


US to confront China on trade

US President Donald Trump says he will confront China strongly over trade in the coming weeks, heightening expectations that Beijing will retaliate. Mr Trump spoke with his trade team yesterday on whether to move forward with the tariffs, while China said previous progress in trade talks will be lost if new tariffs are introduced.



Opposition leader quits

The leader of South Korea's main opposition party resigned yesterday after taking responsibility for a crushing defeat in local polls and parliamentary by-elections. Mr Hong Joon Pyo (left) of the Liberty Korea Party said he respected the outcome of Wednesday's election, in which the party won only two of the 17 major mayoral and gubernatorial races, and one seat in the by-elections for 12 vacant parliamentary seats. 


Mahathir seeks fair Cabinet

Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad is expected to finalise his Cabinet after this weekend's Hari Raya celebrations. The Straits Times understands that he seeks to redress the lack of East Malaysian leaders and have more women in the line-up. He will also have to placate leaders of Parti Keadilan Rakyat and the Democratic Action Party. 


A Timorese lion in winter

Mr Jose Ramon-Horta, who led Timor Leste from independence to its faltering steps as a new nation, sees South-east Asia as his country's natural home, says associate editor Ravi Velloor. 


PMD rider's sentence delayed

A teenager who knocked over a 55-year-old woman while riding an electric scooter had his sentencing delayed yesterday after the district judge called for a report to assess his suitability for a community service order. Madam Ang Liu Kiow was in a coma for a month.


Expect wet and warm weather

Wet and warm weather can be expected in the next fortnight, said the Meteorological Service. Rainfall should be above average for the month, with short thundery showers expected on five to seven days each week, mostly in the late morning and afternoon.


Interest rates may rise here

With news of another interest rate rise in the United States, bringing the benchmark rate to 1.75 per cent to 2 per cent, Singapore borrowers could soon have to deal with higher interest rates here.


FairPrice sponsors boxer

NTUC FairPrice yesterday announced its official sponsorship of Singaporean boxer Muhamad Ridhwan, 30, who won the International Boxing Organisation intercontinental featherweight title in April. His next opponent will be Thailand's Pipat Chaiporn, and they will contest the IBO super bantamweight (55kg) world title at the Roar of Singapore 5 event here on Sept 29. The cash sponsorship will include support for training expenses, sparring partners and training camps.


New luxury watch for women

In a move signifying the rising importance of the women's luxury watch segment, Swiss luxury watchmaker Richard Mille introduced its first in-house automatic tourbillon for women two weeks ago. This collection was designed by Ms Cecile Guenat, daughter of the brand's co-founder Dominique Guenat.

What it should have been

In yesterday's report "Singapore may have gained over $700m in exposure as host: Analyst", we misidentified the North Korean leader, Mr Kim Jong Un, as the South Korean leader.

We are sorry for the error.


When Trump met Kim

The handshake, the Beast and the unscripted moments - take a look back at the Trump-Kim summit. str.sg/trump-kim-interactive


Daredevil raccoon

A Minnesota raccoon climbed to the top of a 25-storey skyscraper and became a star on the Internet. str.sg/raccoon

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