'We are all Jews': US President Obama

(Reuters) - US President Barack Obama marked International Holocaust Remembrance Day on Wednesday (Jan 27) by repeating the words of a US soldier taken prisoner during World War II who told his German captors, "We are all Jews." The US leader also exhorted his audience to fight what he said is a rising tide of antisemitism around the world.

Mr Obama made his comments at a ceremony at the Israeli Embassy in Washington, DC.

He paid tribute to US Master Sergeant Roddie Edmonds, who, as a German prisoner of war during World War II, refused to tell his captors which of his fellow prisoners were Jewish, saying instead, "We are all Jews."

On Wednesday, Mr Edmonds was named as one of the Righteous Among the Nations during a ceremony at the Israeli Embassy as part of ceremonies to mark the Holocaust.

The remembrance comes as German police arrested two people in raids against a far-right group suspected of using an Internet portal to incite violence against foreigners, spread Nazi propaganda and deny the Holocaust, the public prosecutor general said.