Washington port authorities apologise for boat's horn which blew for hours in middle of night

A tug boat that was docked at the Port of Everett had its fog horn malfunction, causing it to blare from 11pm to 3.30amVIDEO CREDIT: YOUTUBE / TIMOTHY ELLIS

Ever been awakened by the blaring of a car alarm in the middle of the night? Residents of Everett, Washington had it much worse when a tug boat's fog horn malfunctioned on Sunday night (June 25).

According to KOMONews, the horn went off from about 11pm and did not stop until around 3.30am. The issue was caused by a tug boat's fog horn, which is meant to be loud enough to be heard at long distances, getting stuck in the "on" position.

Port of Everett CEO Les Reardanz explained in a letter to residents: "One of our customers has been doing some finishing work on a new ocean-going tug boat, and the horn malfunctioned."

To make matters worse, recent high temperatures meant that most residents were sleeping with their windows open, which only made the noise seem louder.

Mr Reardanz added in his letter: "Please accept our sincere apologies on the noise, the time it took to figure out how to turn off the horn and the fact that it happened on the hottest day of the year so far."