US presidential election still undecided after Michigan called by US networks, but maths favours Joe Biden

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WASHINGTON - Almost 24 hours after voting officially closed, who will be the next President of the United States is still undecided. But the maths is beginning to look in favour of Democratic Party challenger Joe Biden.

The former US vice-president has been called winner of the states of Wisconsin, Michigan and Arizona, and is at 264 Electoral College votes, according to projections.

The target to win the Electoral College and the White House, is 270.

The Associated Press has Mr Biden leading in Nevada, which has six Electoral College votes. If he wins then he has 270. If he does not, it may fall to Pennsylvania which is a big one with 20 Electoral College votes.

Pennsylvania has until Friday to count mail-in ballots. There are several hundred thousand, and so far mail-in ballots there have been in favour of Mr Biden.

The Trump campaign is asking for a recount in Wisconsin and is also trying to stop the counting in Pennsylvania. President Trump is insisting the mail-in ballot system is prone to massive fraud.

But only last week the Supreme Court ruled that Pennsylvania can count till Friday, as long as the ballots are postmarked Nov 3.

Mr Biden in a statement on Wednesday (Nov 4) afternoon said, "It is clear that we're winning enough states to reach the 270. When the count is finished we believe we will be the winner."

And, he made a call for unity, and for Americans of opposing political views to stop treating each other like enemies. The speech was statesmanlike, but it is still too early to call Mr Biden the winner.

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