US newspapers react to Trump's unexpected win

The New York Times print cover for Wednesday. US newspapers reacted with eye-catching headlines after Trump's win. PHOTO: THE NEW YORK TIMES/ TWITTER

American newspapers reacted to Mr Donald Trump's victory in a nail-biting US presidential election on Wednesday (Nov 9) with some eye-catching headlines.

Here are some covers due to be printed:

1. The Washington Post - "Trump triumphs"

Washington DC's most-read newspaper goes for some simple alliteration in the headline "Trump triumphs", with a picture of Mr Trump giving his victory speech alongside his vice-presidential running mate Mike Pence.

2. Tampa Bay Times - "Florida lifts Donald Trump"

The newspaper, published in St Petersburg, Florida, highlights the role of Florida in securing Mr Trump the presidency with its 25 electoral votes. It also identifies his "anti-politician crusade" as important in winning the swing states.

3. The Wall Street Journal - "President Trump"

The most widely circulated newspaper in the US opted for just "President Trump" as the headline, with a picture of Mr Trump clenching his fist below it. It attributes his upset win to a "populist surge".

4. The New York Times - "Trump triumphs"

The newspaper calls Trump the "outsider mogul" and state that the working class has spoken.

5. USA Today - "President Trump"

USA Today calls his victory a "stunning upset", and has a picture of him applauding.

6. New York Daily News - "House of horrors"

The tabloid's front page on Wednesday does not focus on the winning candidate, but focuses on the White House instead - dubbing it the "House of Horrors". A picture of the White House under some stormy clouds adorns the cover of the New York City-based newspaper.

7. New York Post - "President Trump"

The New York newspaper has a smiling and waving Mr Trump on the cover, with the words "President Trump" filling the bottom half of the page. The paper also labels the election "2016: The Upset Election" with the statement "They said it couldn't happen" next to Mr Trump's face.

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