US mid-term elections: 5 quirky TV campaign ads

It is the mid-term elections in the United States and campaign advertisements are flooding American television stations. Some are serious, some wacky and some are plain silly. Here is a look at five of the TV ads:

1. Standing up to the alligators


What better way to show that you are a tough guy from Louisiana than by tying down a crocodile? Republican candidate Rob Maness, who is trying to take down Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu, says he is the man who can stand up to the career politicians and, well, the alligators in Washington.

2. Shooting down the opponent


Mrs Alison Lundergan Grimes, the Democratic candidate for the Senate seat in Kentucky, shows her expertise in clay shooting while putting down her opponent, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. She even chides him for holding a gun incorrectly.

3. Simply do nothing


The attack on Republican Terri Lynn Land by her rival Michigan Democrat Gary Peter is that she favours policies that hurt women. But instead of defending herself, she spends a third of the video keeping quiet, sipping coffee and shaking her head - basically doing nothing. Yes, it's meant to be funny and to show how absurd her opponent's point is, but the ad actually seems to help Mr Peters more than hurt him.

4. Make 'em squeal


Republican Joni Ernst makes a bid for the Senate by playing up her farm girl image and telling the audience she "grew up castrating hogs" on her Iowa farm. She is going to be tough on the big spenders in Washington, and we are not sure how, but she is going to "make 'em squeal!"

5. Say yes to Rick Scott


Say Yes To The Dress, the reality show where brides pick out the dress of their dreams, is so 2013. 2014 is all about Say Yes To The Candidate. Haven't seen it? Well, it's the show where dresses just happen to be named after possible Senate candidates. So while mum likes the "Charlie Crist" (Democrat), college graduate Brittany is certain the dress of her dreams is the "Rick Scott" - Florida's current Republican Governor.

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