US judge limits Russian firm's access to grand jury material in election case

WASHINGTON (REUTERS) - A US District Court judge ruled on Friday (June 15) that a Russian company charged with meddling in the 2016 US presidential election is not entitled to review grand jury materials.

District Judge Dabney Friedrich ordered US Special Counsel Robert Mueller's office and defendant Concord Management to come up with an agreement by the end of Friday to begin discovery in the case.

The judge also gave the two sides 10 days to hammer out a protective order governing all materials received by the firm in discovery.

Concord Management and Consulting LLC is one of three companies and 13 Russian individuals indicted in February in what prosecutors say was a scheme to sow discord in the US political system by using false personas to push divisive messages over social media and staging political rallies.

Mueller's team had sought a protective order to prevent any co-defendant of Concord from gaining access to evidence until they appear in court.