US hiker tracks his 4,000km trek on the Pacific Crest with 2,660 selfies

A brand consultant-turned-adventurer hiked more than 4,000km through the Pacific Crest and documented his journey with more than 2,000 selfies.

Mr Andy Davidhazy from Texas, United States, went on the journey through the US, Mexico and Canada over five months in 2013, and documented each of the 2,660 miles (4,281 km) with a selfie.

On March 11, 2015, the 47-year-old released a time lapse video of all the selfies. The video has since received more than one million views.

The hiking trail he took avoided civilisation, and covered scenic and pristine mountainous terrain with few roads. In the process, Mr Davidhazy lost about 25kg.

"I did the hike for the challenge, and this was the hardest simple thing I could think of," Mr Davidhazy wrote on a site he created to talk about his trek.

He added that he wanted to test his limitations, fears and commitment by doing something that had "no short cuts".

He had to do the hike in two parts because part of the trail was impassable due to snow.

"Taking a photo of myself every mile wasn't about vanity, but rather a way for me to fully commit to the whole hike. If I were to quit or skip ahead at any point, myself and everyone else would know it," he said.

He now plans to make a feature film documenting his trip, called Lost or Found.

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