US columnist who predicted Trump would lose makes good on promise to eat his words

US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump addresses the audience in Eugene, Oregon on May 6, 2016. PHOTO: AFP

Washington Post's columnist Dana Millbank swallowed his pride and literally ate his own words last week - in the most painless and creative way possible.

Seven months ago, Millbank predicted the end of Mr Trump's presidential aspirations with the headline "Trump will lose, or I will eat this column".

He declared that he would eat all 18 inches of a column that predicted the billionaire would lose the Republican nomination for president, if his prediction proved to be incorrect.

Fast forward seven months later and he faithfully kept this promise.

Millbank spiced up this event by getting readers and friends to propose some ideas and vote for their favourite newspaper-infused dishes.

The responses that he received were out of this world.

According to Millbank's article on The Washington Post, John Bussey, his old editor at the Wall Street Journal, suggested a "fresh vegetable soup, generously seasoned with garlic and herbs and reduced on a low flame for one news cycle".

Sara Polon, a soup maker from Washington also known as "Soupergirl", requested for an "Indian-style mulligatwany with toasted newspaper".

In the end, he decided on an eight-course meal, cleverly prepared by chef Victor Albisu of Washington DC's Del Campo restaurant.

Washington Post food critic Tom Sietsema joined him in the feast.

The meal was made up of top-quality dishes inspired by various cuisines around the world that were specially created by chef Albisu, and complemented with a distinctive and unique "Trump" flavour.

The dishes include spicy ground newspaper and pork dumplings, inspired by Mr Trump's "China talk"; and "overcooked" wagyu bavette steak with newspaper smoke and some of the newspaper ink "mercifully well-ground" into the steak's chimichurri sauce, according to reports by CBSNEWS.

This piece of meat was deliberately overcooked to represent Mr Trump's love for rock-hard steaks.

To go with the dishes was a bottle of Trump wine, created just for the occasion.

After boldly consuming it all on a live Facebook video stream, Millbank told People website that the multi-course meal "wasn't all that painful".

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