Two-year-old caught on camera rescuing twin from under fallen dresser

A home video surveillance camera caught Bowdy rescuing brother Brock from under a fallen dresser.

A two-year-old toddler has become a pint-sized superhero - and a social media hit - after rescuing his twin brother from under a fallen dresser.

Bowdy Shoff  and brother Brock were playing at their home in Orem, Utah, in the US on Friday (Dec 30) under the watchful gaze of a home surveillance video camera when the dresser fell, trapping Brock underneath the corner.

After thinking for a moment, Bowdy tried to lift the furniture off his crying sibling, but the dresser proved too heavy. He eventually figured out he could push the weighty piece of furniture instead to free Brock.

The boys' parents later posted the video to YouTube as a warning to other parents of the dangers of unsecured tall furniture.

The video has received more than 670,000 views. 

"The wheels were turning in that little guy's head," said one YouTube viewer. "He didn't panic and figured out a way to assist his younger brother."

"We were hesitant to post this video initially," Ricky Shoff, the boys' father told CNN, "but a lot of parents have probably made the same mistake that we made, (they) don't have their furniture secure or bolted to a wall."

"Our house is very childproof, we are really cautious about all this stuff - so it never really crossed out minds that something like this could happen," Shoff said.

The accident happened around 8.30am on Friday, the Shoffs told CNN.

"We didn't hear anything, we normally hear them throwing their toys, they are super mischievous," Shoff said.

It wasn't until the boys' mother Kayli woke up a short time later and checked a surveillance camera on the boys' room that she saw the dresser was on the floor.

She went to check on the boys and "there wasn't a scratch" on either of them, her husband told CNN,

"It's kind of a miracle, it's something really special, to see how Bowdy helped Brock."

Ricky works for a company that sells home monitoring systems and has surveillance cameras throughout his house, he told CNN.