Trump's greatest weakness: 'I trust people too much'

(REUTERS) - At the start of CNBC's Republican debate in Boulder, Colorado, billionaire businessman Donald Trump was asked what he would consider his greatest weakness.

"I trust people too much," replied Mr Trump. "When they let me down, if they let me down, I never forgive."

Seasoned politicians trailing Mr Trump and Mr Ben Carson for the Republican nomination in the US presidential election campaign are eager to shift the focus to the economy and policy in Wednesday's (Oct 28) debate and expose what they see as weaknesses in the two front-runners.

Mr Jeb Bush and other candidates are trying to turn the tide in a campaign that is dominated so far by provocative rhetoric that has played to the strengths of Mr Trump, a bombastic reality television star and developer, and Dr Carson, a soft-spoken surgeon who has been gaining support in opinion polls.