US Elections 2016

Trump in excellent health, his doc says

NEW YORK • Mr Donald Trump's presidential campaign has released a new note from his doctor declaring that he is in "excellent physical health", citing various tests over the last three years but releasing nothing beyond cursory details.

The note was accompanied by a news release and distributed on Thursday, just hours before the airing of a taped episode of The Dr Oz Show, where Mr Trump spoke glowingly of his own health but got little pushback from the daytime TV celebrity Mehmet Oz.

Mr Trump's newest letter came as he has been criticised for declining to release in-depth records on his health, taxes, personal fortune and businesses.

Until now, Mr Trump had released only a short note from his physician, Dr Harold Bornstein, last December that was filled with superlatives but offered no window into his fitness to serve.

The slightly longer note the campaign released on Thursday said Mr Trump was examined on Sept 9 by Dr Bornstein, who wrote that the candidate was examined annually every spring.

The doctor's note put Mr Trump's height at 1.91m (several reports have put his height at 1.88m), and his weight at 107kg. It said Mr Trump was hospitalised once as a child, for an appendectomy at age 11 (the doctor's note in December said Mr Trump was 10 at the time).

It said his blood pressure was 116/70 with a blood sugar level of 99, which is at the higher end of the normal range. His last colonoscopy was in 2013, according to the note, which said his cholesterol level was within normal range.

Mr Trump's last transthoracic echocardiogram was in December 2014. He had a normal EKG and chest X-ray on April 14, although his campaign declined to answer questions as to the circumstances of the two tests. He takes a low dose of aspirin and a statin, which lowers cholesterol.

Dr Bornstein declared Mr Trump in "excellent physical health", and noted that his parents lived into their 80s and 90s, but did not note that the elder Mr Trump had Alzheimer's.

At 70, Mr Trump would be the oldest candidate ever elected to the White House if he wins on Nov 8. Mrs Clinton, 68, would be close behind.


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