Trump has declared victory, though it's still unclear how some key states voted. What's next?

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Where does the US election race stand now, with President Donald Trump and Democrat candidate Joe Biden neck and neck in key battlegrounds?

The Straits Times' Jeremy Au Yong explains the situation, and shares his observations on both candidates' election night speeches.

Speaking at the White House, Mr Trump said "we did win this election'" and alleged major vote fraud.

Mr Joe Biden, meanwhile, called for patience in an address to the nation in his hometown Delaware.

He said he believed he was on track to win the election amid early leads taken by Mr Trump in key states.

"At this time four years ago, news outlets had proclaimed a winner," Mr Au Yong said, adding that "This year the result remains up in the air."

Here are his takeaways so far.

- Polls projecting a landslide victory for Democrat Joe Biden are wrong. President Donald Trump has once again outperformed the polls. While either man can still win, the big statement election Democrats were hoping for is not going to happen.

- The election will likely come down to three states: Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. The maths is simple at this point: Whoever wins two of the three will probably be president.

- Mr Biden has expressed optimism that he will win, while Mr Trump - as expected - has declared victory while claiming major fraud was going on. There was a lot of concern going into the election that the courts would play a big part in the result. The chances of a very messy process in the days to come have just gone up.

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