Shots fired again near US military training centre

MIAMI (AFP) - Shots were fired on Wednesday for the second day in a row near a US military training centre in Mississippi but no one was hurt, an official said.

Apparently the same person opened fire both times, said Christian Patterson, a spokesman for the Mississippi Military Department.

"The shooter is described as a white male in a red pickup truck, make and model unknown. This is the same description of the man described to authorities during yesterday's incident," he told AFP.

The shots were heard around 8am (9pm Singapore time) by troops training at Camp Shelby near the town of Hattiesburg.

As was the case on Tuesday, they reportedly came from a road near the base.

Since last month, thousands of soldiers and reservists from several states have have been carrying out training exercises at the base, which has been placed on a heightened state of alert.

These incidents come several weeks after Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez, 24, opened fire on two military centres in Chattanooga, Tennessee and killed four US Marines and a navy sailor before dying in a shootout with police.