Shaquille O'Neal joins police in pickup game with neighbourhood kids

(Reuters) - Basketball star Shaquille O'Neal dropped in to help police in Gainesville, Florida, play pickup basketball with a group of neighbourhood children on Saturday (Jan 22).

O'Neal was inspired to join the police after a video of white Officer Bobby White went viral. The video showed Mr White responding to a noise complaint of an black child playing basketball "too loudly" by telling the children that he had no problem with what they were doing and joining in the game. As he walked away, he told them he'd be back with "some backup." He returned on Saturday with a group of other officers and the 7-foot-1-inch O'Neal.

The former NBA star played ball, gave the children US$100 (S$143) for making a free throw, and ended by exhorting them to work hard, obey their parents and stay out of trouble.