Russia closely follows US presidential campaign, will refrain from statements: Kremlin

President Vladimir Putin called for a reset between Russia and the US.
President Vladimir Putin called for a reset between Russia and the US.PHOTO: AFP

MOSCOW (REUTERS) - Russia, like many other nations in the world, is closely following the US presidential campaign, as the United States is one of the world's top economies, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on a daily conference call on Wednesday (Sept 30).

"But we do not want to make any statements, as this could be viewed as an attempt to intervene (in the election process)," Mr Peskov said. "Russia has never, is not and is not going to intervene in US domestic affairs."

Last week, President Vladimir Putin called for an agreement between Russia and the US to guarantee not to engage in cyber meddling in each other's elections and internal affairs, the Kremlin said last Friday.

In a statement ahead of the US presidential election on Nov 3, Mr Putin called for a reset between Russia and the US and said he wanted an agreement between the two countries to prevent incidents in cyberspace.

Moscow's relations with Washington are at post-Cold War lows as the US election looms.

US intelligence agencies concluded that Moscow interfered in the 2016 US presidential election with the aim of tilting it in Mr Donald Trump's favour, including by hacking into the campaign of his rival Hillary Clinton. Moscow denies that charge.

Mr Trump is currently campaigning for re-election against Democrat Joe Biden.

Earlier this month, Russia, along with China, had dismissed allegations by Microsoft that hackers linked to Moscow and Beijing were trying to spy on people tied to both Mr Trump and Mr Biden.

Advisers to both presidential campaigns are assessing risks from digital spies around the globe, as the two candidates face off on Nov 3 in one of the most consequential US presidential elections in decades.


The Microsoft report came as Reuters revealed that one of Mr Biden's main campaign advisory firms had been warned by the software giant that it was in the crosshairs of the same Russian hackers who intervened in the 2016 US election.