Road rage incident causes dramatic chain collision on California highway

Video footage of a road rage incident on a California highway which resulted in a chain collisionVIDEO: YOUTUBE / M0rganFReelance

CALIFORNIA - An angry kick from a motorcyclist led to a chain of events in which the front of a car exploded and a truck flipped over on a highway on Wednesday (June 21).

Eyewitnesses Chris Traber Tim Morrison were driving to work on a highway in Santa Clara, when they noticed a car cut off a motorcycle while overtaking, reported Fox News.

Mr Traber took out his mobile phone to film the incident, and had just begun recording when the motorcyclist drove up beside the car and attempted to kick it.

In the video, the car swerved toward the motorcycle, which steered out of the way.

The car then swerved toward the motorcycle a second time, but missed it and collided with barricades on the side of the highway.

The car's front carriage briefly erupted into flames, before spinning into the middle of the highway and colliding with a truck in the process, which flipped over.

As other cars slowed and stopped, the motorcyclist is shown speeding away from the scene.

Fox news reported that the crash occurred, which occurred at around 5.49am (8.49pm Singapore time), resulted in the injury of the truck driver, who was sent to the hospital with moderate injuries.

The driver of the car was described as "pretty shaken up" by Mr Traber.

Mr Traber told reporters from KLTA 5 News that while some motorists stopped to help the truck driver, "some cars drove by honking, saying 'get out of the way.'"

Investigators are considering the crash a possible hit-and-run case as a result of the motorcyclist fleeing the scene.