Rainbow bagel craze brings brighter day in Brooklyn

NEW YORK  (Reuters) - There's a new craze in New York City, and it comes in a variety of colors.

"Bagels are cool. But rainbow bagels, that's something else," said a customer.

They've become so popular that the Bagel Store in Brooklyn had to temporarily close its doors to replenish its stock.

Owner and  bagel artist Scot Rossilo said: "It's always brighter the better."

He hand-rolls this kaleidoscope and says he understands why the customers keep coming back. "Everyone's into magic, and everyone wants to be happy," he said. "This raises your endorphin levels 90 billion plus."

The shop owner says the flavors change from time to time, and include cotton candy and vanilla.

"It's truly like eating sunshine in your mouth."

Sunshine in the form of a beautiful bun.