Pets driven out by Harvey find shelter out-of-state

Animal shelters around the country have stepped up to care for pets displaced by Hurricane Harvey, with dogs and cats finding care and new homes in cities like Chicago and Atlanta. VIDEO: REUTERS

UNITED STATES (REUTERS) - Hurricane Harvey has been a human tragedy for many in Texas and Louisiana devastated by record flooding.

But when it started raining cats and dogs, it also hit the city's animal population hard.

Now, shelters in other cities like PAWS in Chicago are stepping up to help pets displaced by the deluge.

Shelters in flood hit areas have sent their animals out of state to make way for stranded local pets so that their owners can find them more easily.

But some were given up by their owners. Some of the dogs arrived sick from their ordeal and are now being cared for..

More than 100 water wary felines have arrived in Atlanta, with some landing at the Gwinnett County Animal Shelter.

Some were lucky enough to find new homes right away.

"So my daughter was looking for a kitten to adopt and when we came here we saw that there was rescue animals from Houston so we found pumpkin and we want to take her back and give her a good home." said Jacqueline Escamilla.

It has been a rough journey for these fortunate cats who may have used up more than one of their nine lives escaping Hurricane Harvey.